Deluxe Detail
This package is designed to get your vehicle's interior and exterior brought back to like new condition. the interior will be steam cleaned, all plastic/leather will be cleaned, treated, and dressed. The exterior will be washed, clay barred, and given a 1 year ceramic coating. 
Cars, pricing starts at $425
Trucks and SUVs starts at $525
Deluxe Plus
This includes everything in the Deluxe package, but adds a machine polish paint enhancement to the exterior. To add some depth and gloss to the finish
Cars start at $525
TrucksSUVs start at $625 
 Interior only
  • This includes a steam cleaning of all interior surfaces, including leather treatment, and all plastics cleaned and dressed
  • All pricing is a staring point, pet hair,stains and overall condition determine final pricing
  • Also includes a courtesy exterior wash
  • Cars 1 Row of Seats $150
  • Cars 2 Rows of Seats $275
  • Trucks/Wagons Small SUVs $300
  • Vans 3 row SUVs $350
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Deep Shine Auto Spa uses Profession only ceramic coatings from HyperClean. All products are 100% made in The USA.  These are deigned for long term protection of your exterior surfaces, from paint, trim, wheels and glass, to interior protection as well
  • Level 1
  • Wash/Clay/1 year ceramic coating
  • Cars/small trucks/suvs $300
  • LargeTrucks/SUVs $425
  • Level 2 
  • Wash/Clay/1 step paint correction, 3 year ceramic coating
  • Cars/small trucks/small SUVs $550
  • Full Size trucks and SUVs $750
  • Level 3
  •  5 year Ceramic Coating
  •  Wash/clay/decontaminate all painted surfaces apply 5 year ceramic coating to all painted surfaces. 1 step paint correction Includes full wash kit. $140 value
  • Cars/small trucks/SUVs $975
  • Full SizeTruck/SUV
  •  $1300
  • Level 3 Plus!!
  • Includes everything in the Level 3 , plus adds ceramic coating to all glass and wheel facings 
  • Cars/small trucks?SUVs $1250
  • Full SizeTruck/SUVs $1550
  • Ceramic GlassCoating
  • Water Spot removal on glass will be $50 per window
  • $100 Windshield only
  • $200 All Glass
  •  2/3 year wheel coating
  • Starting at 
  • $50 per wheel face cepending on size/condition
  • Fiber Coating interior coating for carpet and cloth starting at $175
  • Ceramic leather coating starting at $175
  • Stand alone paint correction is billed at $100per Hr.  Minimum 1/2 hour.
  • All pricing is a starting point. A final estimate will be given upon vehicle inspection. For example, Things like, tar, tree sap, paint splatter, pet hair, deep interior staining, will be additional charges