Deluxe Detail
This package is designed to get your vehicle's interior and exterior brought back to like new condition. the interior will be steam cleaned, all plastic/leather will be cleaned, treated, and dressed. The exterior will be washed, clay barred, and given a 1 year ceramic coating. 
Cars, pricing starts at $425
Trucks and SUVs starts at $525
Deluxe Plus
This includes everything in the Deluxe package, but adds a machine polish paint enhancement to the exterior. To add some depth and gloss to the finish
Cars start at $525
Trucks and SUVs start at $625
  • Interior only
  • This includes a steam cleaning of all interior surfaces, including leather treatment, and all plastics cleaned and dressed
  • All pricing is a staring point, pet hair,stains and overall condition determine final pricing
  • Also includes a courtesy exterior wash
  • Cars 1 Row of Seats $150
  • Cars 2 Rows of Seats $200
  • Trucks/Wagons?Small SUVs $300
  • Vans 3 row SUVs $350
  • Ceramic Coatings
  • Deep Shine Auto Spa uses Profession onl ceramic coatings from Opti Coat, and Pearl Nano These are deigned for long term protection of your exterior surfaces, from paint, trim, wheels and glass, to interior protection as well
  • Express 1 year Ceramic Coating 
  • This package is designed to get your vehicle protected and clean, with a 1 year ceramic coating. includes, wash, clay bar, and chemical decontamination
  • Cars $300
  • Trucks/SUVs Medium Size $400
  • Large Trucks/SUVs $500
  • Add a machine polish paint enhancemet, to clean up light water spots and superficial swirls
  • Cars $100
  • Trucks SUVs $150
  • Level 1 5 year Ceramic Coating
  •  This level is for the client that is more concerned with the protection benefits of a long term ceramic coating, but would like their paint to be glossier. Lighty Machine polish painted surfaces,to remove light water spots, and superficial swirl marks, and  to give a smooth surface for the ceramic coating to bond to. Then a 5 year ceramic coating is applied
  • Cars $675
  • Medium Trucks/SUVs $875
  • Full SizeTruck/SUV
  •  $1000
  • Level 2 
  • Level 2 is designed for the client who wants deeper swirl marks, and other light imperfections taken care of before Ceramic Coating is applied. This includes all necessay prep, wash/claybar/chemical decontamination, and a true 1 step paint correction. This includes a 5 year ceramic coating
  • Cars $800
  • Medium Size Trucks/SUVs $1200
  • Full Size Truck/SUV $1350
  • Level 3 This level is where true blacks, reds, and other non metallic paints usually fall. Also most German paints as well. This is where multiple steps of correction are needed to remove defects and finish out. Pricing for stage 3 is a starting point depending on paint conditon and manufacturer.
  • 1 year Ceramic Coating
  • Cars $850
  • Medium Trucks/SUVs  $1100
  • $Large Trucks/SUVS
  • $1400
  • 5 year Ceramic Coating
  • Cars $1000
  • Medium Size Trucks/SUVs $1400
  • Large Trucks/SUVs $1650
  • Ceramic GlassCoating
  • Water Spot removal on glass will be $35 per window
  • $100 Windshield only
  • $200 All Glass
  •  2/3 year wheel coating
  • Starting at 
  • $50 per wheel face cepending on size/condition
  • Fiber Coating interior coating for carpet and cloth starting at $175
  • Ceramic leather coating starting at $175
  • Stand alone paint correction is billed at $100per Hr.  Minimum 1/2 hour.
  • All pricing is a starting point. A final estimate will be given upon vehicle inspection. For example, Things like, tar, tree sap, paint splatter, pet hair, deep interior staining, will be additional charges